We are on a mission to build the tools for a new art economy, focused on the agency of artists and diffusion of visual culture.


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"No previous generation has ever been exposed to such an extraordinary acceleration of technological power and corresponding social changes."—Luciano Floridi. 

A*NA is informed by two contentions. First, that extending the reach of art is essential in an age defined by both rapid change and our mastery of reality. However, the system we rely on to support the creation and distribution of visual culture is failing. Punctuated by emergent forces inherent in complex networks, attention and influence are increasingly dominated by a fraction of global citizens.
What if we build new solutions to coordinate around artists and works they create? What tools can we build to underpin more dynamic systems of artistic production? 

We are organising under the Art*N Alliance (A*NA). We aim to build and support decentralised web software and initiatives that focus on the agency of artists and diffusion of visual culture, furthered by a community of people aligning around open source principles.

A short paper outlining the organisational model A*NA adopts will follow soon.



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